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Pricing and Technology Levels

There are a variety of technology levels when it comes to hearing aids. Different price ranges will in turn deliver hearing aids with different levels of performance, and a different array of features. Click below to learn more and to find the level that best suits your needs.

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These hearing devices are designed for people who spend the majority of their time in quiet situations.

Features to help in noisy environments are very limited with this level of device. These devices have few special features and often do not offer enough programming flexibility to “match” a person’s audiogram, which is critical for optimal performance.

These devices are best for patients with more solitary lifestyles.

Prices average $1,700 per device (all costs included, all styles available).


These hearing devices are an excellent combination of features and cost.

Features for noise reduction, feedback controls, and a greater range of programming flexibility allow for greater hearing and understanding in most listening situations.

These devices are an excellent choice for active patients.

Prices average $2,200 per device (all costs included, all styles available).


These hearing devices are top of the line. Most are fully automatic, adjusting for each situation as it arises. Noise reduction features, feedback controls and wind-noise controls are at a premier level.

These devices communicate with each other which improves difficult listening environments even more than other devices.

These devices are an excellent choice for active patients with demanding listening environments.

Prices average $2,700 per device (all costs included, all styles available).

Brands of Hearing Technology

We are proud to offer and service the following brands of hearing technology:

Variety of hearing aids

Other Products

Swim molds

In addition to hearing aids, we are pleased to offer the following:

Ear Molds

Ear molds provide the connection between a behind-the-ear hearing aid and the patient’s ear. They are custom made to fit the patient’s ear perfectly. They come in a variety of materials that range from soft to hard. Colors are also available to help camouflage or show off the ear mold.

Swim Molds

Swim molds are custom fit just like an ear mold, but are designed to keep water out of your ears. They are great for swimming and showering, especially if you have a hole or PE tube in your eardrum. They can be ordered with handles for easy removal, cords to drape around your neck and they float! They can also be used as noise protection.

Musician plugs

Musicians Plugs

Musicians plugs can be ordered with a custom fit, but only occupy the canal portion of the ear. They can be ordered with different levels of noise reduction to allow the wearer to protect his or her hearing, but still hear the band members.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology encompasses a wide range of items from alerting devices for safety and well-being to hearing aid accessories like remote controls, Bluetooth phone-to-hearing aid systems and Bluetooth TV-to-hearing aid systems.

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